JM Energy Corporation

Energy Regeneration/Assist

  • Long life span is realized with features such as high safety and high durability

    Product introduction

    • Hybrid electric bus

      By using the motor in conjunction with lithium ion capacitor and conventional diesel engine in parallel, 35% reduction in fuel consumption is achieved.

    • Power Assist

      The regenerative energy generated during deceleration is stored in the lithium ion capacitor and used for driving the motor during acceleration, dramatically reducing the fuel consumption of the diesel engine.

    Features of ULTIMO®

    • Miniaturization and weight reduction

      It requires only half the space to get the same energy compared to the EDLC system. (Double energy storage is possible if the cabinet size is the same)

    • Long life

      No need for replacement in the hybrid bus life cycle

    • High operating voltage
    • High output energy density
    • High durability
    • High safety
    • Wide operating temperature range
    • Minimal self discharge