JM Energy Corporation

Message from the President

“Contribute to environment and energy with human resources and technology”

Thank you very much for visiting JM Energy homepage.

We are founded in 2007 to provide the Lithium Ion Capacitor (LIC), which is closed up as an energy storage device for next generation, as a group company of JSR Corporation.

Since our establishment, as a pioneer of LIC, we have been blushing up our LIC performance and have established the system that assures stable delivery of high quality products, by integrating our device design skill and the material technology and precision processing technology possessed of the JSR, under the corporate philosophy of "develop and manufacture safe and superior products that contribute to the environment and energy globally with our human resources and technology".

Our LICs are used in various purposes utilizing energy regeneration and peak assist, making full use of the high output and rapid charge/discharge characteristics of LIC for the purpose of effective use of energy and reduced power consumption. We will contribute to the development of a low-carbon society and the realization of a sustainable society for the next generations by promoting further application development.

We will continue our work with all our employees to receive higher evaluation and trust from all our stakeholders including our customers.

We will greatly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement.

Representative Director and President

Mikio Yamachika

Corporate philosophy

JM Energy corporation develops and manufactures safe and superior products that contribute to the environment and energy with human resources and technology, and develops it globally.

  • Safety policy

    • Safety first priority

      Securing safety is a social mission, giving priority to production

    • Prevention

      Accident prevention is possible

    • Compliance

      Compliance with safety laws and adhere to the safety and hygiene of labor

    • Companywide activities

      improve the quality of work and secure safety through companywide activities

  • Environmental policy

    • Environment intention

      We will provide products that contribute to the environment and energy to society

    • Coexistence with local communities

      We will strive for environmental conservation and coexist with local communities

    • Compliance

      Observe environmental laws and regulations and implement responsible business activities

    • Reduction of environmental burden

      Continue to reduce waste volume and reduce environmental impact

Quality policy

  • Quality policy

    • Quality responsibility

      Ensure safety, superior quality to customers reliably

    • Customer orientation

      Grasp the needs and provide the required quality in a timely manner

    • Global level

      Establish and maintain the highest global quality

    The JM Energy Corporate Philosophy (Safety Policy, Environmental Policy, Quality Policy) was certified to conform to ISO 9001/14001.