JM Energy Corporation


August 2007 Established JM Energy Co., Ltd. (Capital: 300 million yen, JSR Corporation / Nihon Micro Coating Co., Ltd. Half Investment)
May 2008 JSR Corporation hands over all shares owned by Nihon Micro Coating Co., Ltd. and becomes 100% subsidiary of JSR Corporation.
November 2008 Completed head office Yamanashi plant as the world's first lithium ion capacitor mass production plant.
May 2009 ISO9001/14001 certification was obtained for the Head office Yamanashi Factry.
January 2011 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI) adopted as a subsidized project of 'Low Carbon Employment Creation Industry Location Promotion Project'.
February 2011 Launched laminate type low resistance lithium ion capacitor cell and module.
February 2011 Launches world's first prismatic lithium ion capacitor cell and module.
February 2012 Completion of rectangular lithium ion capacitor evaluation building / safety test building.
February 2013 Launch prismatic lithium ion capacitor high voltage module
August 2013 To reinforce R&D functions, expand research buildings
March 2015 Completed construction of mass production facility of Lithium ion capacitor cell in Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi
November 2015 The 7th Yamanashi Industry Award "MONOZUKURI Grand prize" won
August 2017 10th anniversary of foundation