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ULTIMO Laminate cell module

Making the most of the characteristics of ULTIMO cells, ULTIMO modules are designed to be used in a convenient and safe way. They can be used in various applications such as backup, storage, peak assist, and energy regeneration.
Furthermore, these modules are energy-efficient and extremely safe products equipped with low-power-consuming cell voltage balancing circuits, as well as detection circuits to prevent overcharge and overdischarge.

Product Code* Applied cell type Rated Voltage Capacitance
Contents Size (W×D× Hmm)
Max. Min.
MLB15G275D Laminate 15.2V 8.8V 275 5.1 CLQ1100S1A, 4series 152.0×267.2×105.1
MLB15G550F 550 3.1 CLQ2200S2A, 4series 152.0×267.2×123.7
MLB30G138D 30.4V 17.6V 138 10 CLQ1100S1A, 8series 152.0×267.2×142.3
MLB30G275F 275 6 CLQ2200S2A, 8series 152.0×267.2×185.7
MLB45G92D 45.6V 26.4V 92 14.9 CLQ1100S1A, 12series 152.0×267.2×179.5
MLB45G183F 183 8.9 CLQ2200S2A, 12series 152.0×267.2×247.7
MPA15G575G Prismatic 15.2V 8.8V 575 3.6 CPQ2300S, 4series 168.8×127.1×112.5
MPA15G825H 825 4.8 CPP3300S, 4series 168.8×127.1×112.5
MPA30G288G 30.4V 17.6V 288 7 CPQ2300S, 8series 168.8×127.1×186.5
MPA30G413H 413 9.4 CPP3300S, 8series 168.8×127.1×186.5
MPA45G192G 45.6V 26.4V 192 10.4 CPQ2300S, 12series 168.8×127.1×260.5
MPA45G275H 275 14 CPP3300S, 12series 168.8×127.1×260.5

*With control circuit

Item Description Note
Charge/discharge current(maximum rating) 360A  
Control method CPU program control  
Blancing method Resistance discharge method  
Monitoring function Voltage monitoring  
Temperature monitoring Monitoring temperature of cell in center of module
Control signal Output signal Alarm signal for over charge * 1.No.charge/discharge cut-off function by alarm signal
 2.Only one alarm signal for over discharge
Alarm signal for over discharge
Alarm signal for abnormal temperature
Input signal Wake up requirement signal *Internal self timer operation when not in use
Sleep requirement signal
Electricity consumption of controller Less than 20μA at sleep mode  
Module Maximum series connection 12unit *External controller is required
Working temperature −30〜70℃* * Depends on using condition, please ask your sales
 representativve for detail.
Working humidity 20〜90%Rh(No dew consent)

*The information contained herein may change without prior notice.

We can offer modules custom-made to your needs. Please consult us.